Belinda's Jewellery Box

Sarah Keogh

After a long career working in the media, I finally found the courage to do what I always wanted to an artistic life. I first experimented with watercolour and oil painting, life drawing and Chinese brush stroke painting before finally discovering what would be my great love...clay. After 3 years of various courses and workshops, I created a studio in my beautiful Oxfordshire garden. The flora and fauna surrounding me and the changing seasons have consistently informed and inspired my work. Some of my favourite patterns and designs have come directly from plants. I am now producing a wide range of homeware including lamps, bowls and vases. I occasionally indulge in a spot of sculpture.


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Heart tattoo tea-light holder £25

H: 9.5 cm

W: 8 cm

Poppy seed head' vase  £25

W: 7cm

H: 14.5cm

Poppy seed head' bottle


W: 6.5cm



Stoneware vase £15


H: 6.5cm

Monochrome vases £15 each

Porcelain bowl with black linear detail.

H: 9 cm

W: 7 cm

Irregular edged jar £15

W: 9cm

H: 7.5cm

leaf saucer £10

W: 8.5cm

H: 2cm

Green glazed jar £16

W: 7.5cm

H: 9.8cm

vase £15

W: 5.5cm

H: 7.5cm

Saucer £10

W: 9.5cm

H: 1.8cm

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