Belinda's Jewellery Box

Tony Seeney

Abingdon woodturner Tony Seeney is an Abingdon woodturner also a strong supporter of the woodturning community


Oil lamp Australian hardwood


Natural edge bowl Ash


Ball point pen made of spalted beech/ acrylic. from £25.00

Bud vase stained oak with glass insert



Flower tealight spalted beech ash holly


Earring stand Elam/ash


tony 1 tony3 tony4 tony5 tony7 tony8 tony9 tony10 tony11 tony12

Ash oil lamp £15

Australian hardwood oil lamp £20

beech and banksia nut box


beech/ash/ maple


accent LED lighting


bottle stopper Walnut/ acrylic


keyring/ light pull


false acacia/ spalted beech pig


pin cushion Holly wood/ oak


holly tealight holder


Maple with red stain £25

laburnham natural edge £20

cherry wood £20

pine big mouse £20

beech med mouse £10

Ash small mouse £9